Thursday, June 5, 2014

Livin' Life

Notice I just said, "Livin' Life" and not, "Living THE Life."
Big difference.

But hopefully I will be living THE life soon!

I've just accepted a position at the new Mellow Mushroom opening in my town AND I have an interview for a marketing position on Tuesday! So, it is very possible that I will be going from 0 jobs and 0 money to 2 jobs and RIIIICH.
Okay, I definitely won't be rich, even if I work both jobs. But it will be much better than living off of my refund check, savings, and graduation money.


In other news, I know I've been super MIA recently. But I have a good reason, I swear.

Firstly, I've been applying for jobs like a boss (or like an unemployed college graduate.)
But most importantly, I was taking care of my PUPPY!
Get ready for some photo spam at the end of this post.

I visited my family for Memorial Day and when I left, I asked if I could bring Snickers back with me.
They said yes.

So I've had Snickers for almost 2 weeks (and have him for another week!) and we've had so much fun!
We've been going on walks around the apartment complex and visiting some of my friends and their dogs! I even took him to the Riverwalk the other day! I met my friend who had her dog, and though she and Snickers did not particularly hit it off, once we got to walking it was all pretty fun.

Basically, having him here makes me realize more and more how much I want my own dog.
Maybe now that I'm going to be working again, I'll be able to get one!! Eeeek!

Now for pictures!

Occasionally Snickers likes to snuggle

Going to the Riverwalk!

And the ride home from the Riverwalk

He's such a sleepy puppy

I wish I understood....


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  1. Mellow Mushroom is so yummy! Congrats!