Monday, June 23, 2014

Prepare for Paradise: Grand Turk

26 Days!

Only 26 more days until I will be enjoying a fabulous cruise to the Caribbean!

Out first port is Grand Turk, which I have to say is definitely one my favorites.

The water is beautiful, the sand is soft, and the drinks are delicious.
This isn't an island where you're running around trying to see everything; you just want to relax. Okay, and maybe have a little bit of fun.

Here are my favorite things to do in Grand Turk!

  1. Relax
    Yes, relax again. Because you are on a cruise; you're supposed to be relaxing. Grand Turk has a beautiful beach with chairs and cute little canopies so you can sit out in the sun (or not) and enjoy a nice, cold beverage.

  2. Rock Climbing!
    Kind of! In Grand Turk, you'll find one large "iceberg" and one small one, in addition to a trampoline--in the ocean! It's a whole bunch of fun, and a great way to spend your time if you're not relaxing.

         I may look ridiculous, but I'm having fun!

  3. Surfing
    Okay, it isn't real surfing. But Grand Turk has a FlowRider surfing attraction, so you can try it without all of the terrifying sea creatures to worry about! This is also right by the pool, barely off the beach, so if you don't want to deal with the sand--you don't have too!

  4. Margaritaville
    Basically, I don't consider it paradise unless there's one of the following: SeƱor Frogs or Margaritaville. Grand Turk boasts the latter! Stay in the cool, air-conditioned restaurant enjoying an ice cold margarita and some "gator bites" while the rest of your family is in that nasty sand and sweltering heat. And of course, there's the shop attached, so you can go ahead and buy some souvenirs. Or a ridiculously large margarita glass. I'm not judging.

  5. Shop until you drop!
    This is probably one of my favorite parts about every place I've ever visited. But I couldn't NOT include it, right? Grand Turk has a ton of cute, local shops as well as some mainstream ones, like a fabulous Ron Jon Surf Shop. If you don't get any souvenirs at Margaritaville, you'll definitely want to check out the Cruise Center: they have everything you could possibly imagine. Including alcohol. SO much alcohol. It's duty-free, so I bought a ton of Caribbean rum to bring back to my friends last year (I swear I gave it to my friends. Promise.)

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful paradise that is Grand Turk, make sure to try everything on the list! And if you've been, you should definitely tell me your favorite things to do! Since I'm going again in less than a month, I'd love all of the tips I can get!

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