Saturday, June 21, 2014

Back on Track!

At least, kind of.

This morning, I woke my roommate up at 6am (she wasn't too thrilled) and we took her dog for a walk at the Riverwalk!! (Sorry, my phone is broken and I can't find my camera, so no pictures.)

The temperature was perfect for walking and there weren't too many people around, plus Cappie (the dog) got in some exercise, so overall it was great!

We walked a total of 3.13 miles (that .13 is very important, okay) and afterwards I treated us to some frappuccinos at Starbucks. Okay, so the coffee basically ruined it with all of the empty calories, but it was delicious and totally worth it.

I also bought a fitness ball recently and have been doing a few exercises with it. Have you ever done a plank on a fitness ball? That thing is hard. I could barely make it 15 seconds, and I'm a pro at planking. On the nice, hard ground.

My diet hasn't really been matching up with my health goals (I ate an entire pizza the other day...with bread sticks. Oops), but I'm doing better. Sort of.

Last night, I made pasta and asparagus. That's healthy, right?? Okay, considering all of the olive oil and spices I put on the asparagus before baking it, it miiiiight not be that healthy. And let's not even talk about the salt, butter, and cheese that I put on the pasta.

But still. Progress is progress, right? Sure, I might give a nutritionist a heart attack if they saw what I eat in a day, but at least I'm back to exercising!!

If anyone has any tips for how to make healthy eating easier, or any fitness tips, I would absolutely love to hear them!

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