Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Healthy Living

So, I made a goal to live healthier this year, and I was doing so well, I swear.

But basically all I've had to do lately is lay around my apartment and it's been driving me absolutely insane,  so I've been stress eating and oversleeping and I gained back all of the weight I had lost PLUS THREE POUNDS. We're not even going to talk about how much that totals up to (in just a MONTH!).

But I swear I'm going to turn it all around.

I had an interview this morning, and I think it went very well, so ever since I was full of energy and ready to get stuff done.

I cleaned up my apartment (which I really let get entirely too messy), I did a short Zumba workout, and I cooked decently healthy meals for myself (friend quinoa for lunch and grilled chicken and corn for lunch, YUM).

And I took Snickers on a walk! We walked just a little over a mile around the apartment complex and when we were finished, Snickers was exhausted! He didn't even want to climb the stairs to my apartment! I'm not saying I felt like a spring Daisy or anything (WOW am I out of shape), but Snickers was hilarious. And adorable.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting one of my closest friends to walk around our college lake (which is honestly more of a pond) and I think I'm going to do some more Zumba in the morning.

I highly doubt that I'm going to reach my goal weight in time for my cruise--it's in just a little over a month--but I can do whatever I can up until that point! Maybe I'll even exercise on the cruise...well, we'll see.

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