Friday, December 12, 2014

My World is Changing

Most definitely.

I've almost been at my first big girl job for almost 6 months!
I've had Rory for just a little over a month!
My roommate for over a year just moved out!
My dream job is an open position on Kate Spade's website!!

That's just a peak into what is going on in my life, lately.
It can be a lot to handle at one time, but I'm getting through it!

My job has had it's ups and downs lately, but I am so grateful for the experiences it is giving me. The people here are truly wonderful and though sometimes I disagree with the operations of things, I love the work that I'm doing.

Rory is still the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life! His potty-training is going well and he's so playful! Although I have to admit, he probably isn't my biggest fan right now: We haven't been on a walk in almost a week because it has just been so cold. Maybe soon! For now he's just zooming around the apartment and absolutely enjoying himself when I have company over and they want to love on him!

My roommate! (Ex roommate?) Well, we had a good run these past 18 months, but she had to move on to bigger things! Those bigger things? Her belly! She's pregnant, and so for the good of herself and her future child, she has moved back to be near her family! It's kind of nice to have the place all to myself (at least temporarily) but I am in process of locating someone to take over her lease! Until I find someone, her room has become my craft room! It's definitely exciting.

My DREAM JOB is open at Kate Spade & Company!
I'm definitely qualified, but the fact that I would have to move might be a downside that keeps me from getting it. Also the fact that I only have about 2 years of experience in my field and most of the is through internships.
It might be a bit of a reach, but no one ever got anywhere by just sitting still and staying exactly where they are!
Here's hoping something comes of it!!

So, all these life changes and yet my life still seems so boring.
I'm sure with the holidays coming up that will all change very soon!

If anything big and exciting (or even little and seemingly unsignificant!) has happened to you recently, tell me all about it!
I looooove comments and emails!

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