Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prepare for Paradise: San Juan

24 Days!

Only 24 more days until my Caribbean adventure!

Our second port will be the beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico!
In my opinion, Puerto Rico is more of a place to do touristy things, rather than relax. I don't quite enjoy the beaches here as much, but the historical sites and the shopping are absolutely fab.

Here are my favorite things to do in San Juan!

  1. Drink (like a fish)
    Would you like to know what beverage company currently calls Puerto Rico home? Bacardi! Yes, since being run out of their original home country of Cuba, they've put down roots in this lovely commonwealth. And do you know what that means? Free drinks. If you pay for a ferry ride ($1.50. I think you can spring it) you can head over to the Bacardi factory and distillery to enjoy a tour of the facilities! It's not as in depth as it used to be, apparently, but that's not a big deal. Why? Well, while you're waiting for your tour to start, you get to enjoy a variety of cocktails made with Bacardi products!! (You can also pay a few bucks if you want a blended beverage, like a mojito or daiquiri.) The Bacardi Factory is probably my favorite part of Puerto Rico. Last year I bought at $80 bottle of rum (but it came in a fancy box, had my name engraved on it, AND came with a nice bag!)
  2. Explore
    San Juan is absolutely beautiful. I mean, it is breathe taking. As the carnival website puts it, "this is where the old world meets the new." There's no better way to say it. You can walk around shops while also experiencing so much history, it's ridiculous. If you're up for it, there are even some tours to take you around the city and explain important sites to you! Or, you can just wander around yourself! I definitely recommend you get on of the smoothie-type bevs they serve from carts on the street. (There's a special name for them that I can't remember...) They are absolutely delicious, plus they're perfect for refreshing yourself after some intense exploring!
  3. Night Life
    If your ship is staying in San Juan for the night (or at least part of it!) I definitely suggest you experience the night life of the island. Almost every restaurant and bar offers a great atmosphere for just enjoying the night, so just go and have a great time with your friends! What happens in San Juan stays in San Juan, right? Just make sure you're back on your ship in time!
  4. Shop! (Again!)
    Okay, I'm probably going to say this about every port. But, I mean, it's not every day you get the opportunity to shop in these adorable shops and buy your friends and family some fabulous, authentic souvenirs, right? Budget yourself right, and you can get your friends (and yourself!) something special from every island (and still have money left over for the ship stores!)

There's so much to do in San Juan, so if you ever get the chance to go, I'd definitely say come up with a plan beforehand!

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