Sunday, April 6, 2014

Forgot to Mention....

This totally should have been my first post, but with everything going on I got a little ahead of myself.
I mean, come on, I barely have a month before I graduate college. That's intimidating.

But let's get back on track here, guys.

I started this blog as just a place I could share my experiences and thoughts, etc. It may stray from that time to time based on what's going on in my life, but you know, shit happens some times.

But something that's really bothering me about it right now is the way it looks. Like I said in my first post, I'm getting a degree in Marketing and Design; the look of this blog just does not cut it on any level.

So over the next week or so I'm probably going to be making some intense layout changes (I'm not even sure what they are, yet!) I still don't even know if I'm going to be using my own brand to inspire the design or creating a whole new one.

I hope I can make a fabulously minimalist, yet interesting design for this blog.

I guess we shall see when it happens!


  1. Hi Brittany,

    I saw your comment on TheCollegePrepster, and when I realized that not only do we have the same name, we also are both new-ish to the blogging game, I thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. Then I noticed that you're a Panhellenic Sister (I'm a Theta) and it went from "I should check out her blog" to- "I should leave a comment for her and let her know I was here".

    Anyway, best of luck getting it off the ground and finding your niche. I grew up in the NYC area so I'm interested to see how your dreams become reality.

  2. Brittany,

    I'm so happy you decided to stop by! I love finding and meeting new people, especially those who are involved in Greek Life! It's great knowing that no matter where you go, there will almost always be SOMEONE with that connection! (Also, just looked at your blog and saw that you're a founding sister of your chapter! How exciting!!)

    Thank you for reaching out and for your words of encouragement. I just followed your blog, so I look forward to reading!