Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Welcome to my Home: Bedroom Edition

So, I thought I would start posting a room of my apartment once a week so maybe if someone with decorating or interior design skills sees it they could offer a little bit of advice. That's completely logical, right? I thought so.

First up: my bedroom. This is basically where I live my entire life. I sleep here, I exercise here, I eat breakfast here, I read here, I do schoolwork here; you get the point. But there is just so much going on. I have such an eclectic personality and sense of style that I'm not sure what to do with myself.

I want a classic look, so I have my navy/white/black color scheme with my "Old Meets New Hollywood" canvases that I painted hanging above my bed.

But then I love my nerdy things, like Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, so I need to have those posters up too, right next to the canvases of course.

And we can't forget about my obsession for musicals (Oh, I have not mentioned it? Believe me, it'll come up again), so I have to hang the fabulous sketch of Sweeney Todd I bought and the Wicked Playbill that my friend panted for me! Where do those go? With all of my other favorites, duh.

But that's not even the half of it.

I have stuff everywhere on my walls. Some it is stuff that I bought, some if it stuff that I painted, and the rest is stuff given to me by others, but it is all stuff and it is all basically just randomly thrown on my wall where I felt there was a spot for it. But honestly, it doesn't bother as much as I expected it to.

There are just too many things that I love about my room.


First of all, it's rather large. (Which, when I move to New York is going to be the biggest adjustment to me. I'm used to living in a 1100 sq. ft. apartment with my one roommate. Definitely not getting that in New York)

Second of all, I have all of my favorite things, even just in my room.

I have my desk, where I can get shit done, whether it be something for myself, for my job, or for a class.

I have my dresser (which was my great great grandmothers. The bed, which matches, was too), that houses my television, my clock, some jewelry, and basically whatever I happen to set on it that day (In today's case, my water bottle)

And, my favorite, I have what I call my "book nook." It's not a nook at all, but I think it sounds. Hey, it's my room and I'll call it whatever I want! This is where I just let go. I sit here in the morning with my cup of coffee (notice the bedside coffee maker. I might have a problem), my breakfast, and my tablet so I can read the latest news, my favorite blogs, and maybe a few chapters of the book I'm currently on.

To some it's not much, but it's mine, and I love it.

(Speaking of love, did you see this fabulous graduation stole that my Big got me??)

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