Thursday, May 22, 2014

Going Insane, Going Maaaad

Today's post title is brought to you by the musical RENT!

I am so tired of sitting around my apartment, just trying to come up with something to pass the time (yesterday I honestly spent all day watching The Big Bang Theory. How exciting.)

All of my friends are either working or travelling, so I'm basically all on my own for the moment. Which I do not like one bit.

I hate being alone. Yes, I like my alone time, but I like my alone time to be brief, like those 20 minutes right before bed; not eternal. I love to be around people, so when I'm not I get a little stir-crazy.

I'm already caught up on Game of Thrones, I've finished 2 (almost 3) books, my apartment is (almost) spotless, and every time I try and go to the pool it's insanely crowded; What am I to do?

I would take a walk around Charlotte, but...what fun is that alone? If I had my puppy, I could walk him but sadly, he's with my parents (maybe I'll steal him way when I visit this weekend!)

So I'm just sitting in my apartment, trying to figure out ways to entertain myself, and I have to say: it is a lot more difficult than I initially anticipated.

So help a girl out!!

Does anyone have any tips for what to do when you're bored? Anything will help, honestly.
I'm going to go insane if I don't find some way to occupy my time soon!!

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