Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dream Life

I don't know about you, but Carly over at The College Prepster basically lives my dream life.

I mean a perfect job, an adorable apartment, and an even more adorable dog? (I mean, LOOK AT HIM!)
Definitely living my dream.

Her whole life just inspires me, really.

If I could up and move to New York right now, I definitely would.
If only I had money. Or a job. You know, those silly things.

But that is certainly in my life plan.
I honestly don't plan on staying in SC for more than 5 years (if I even have to stay that long)
I'm hoping to build some experience in my field, save some money, and then make my way to the Big Apple.
It'll be sad to move away from my family and friends, but I also can't wait for the possible opportunities.

It's always been my dream to move to New York (and perform on Broadway, but that one is a little less likely) and seeing someone who has actually made it happen is so exciting for me.
And it gives me hope!

I know I'm not ready to move quite yet, but I dream every day and night about the day that I one day make my dream move to the big city!

If anyone has any tips for moving the NYC or preparing to do so, I would greatly appreciate it!

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