Friday, May 16, 2014

Change of Plans

Okay, so I still didn't get to go to the pool today.

It is nice and clear, but it's only 65 degrees. That is entirely too cold to be laying out by the pool, if you ask me. I'm actually a little chilly in the outfit I picked out today.

What's with the stank face?

Prime example of why you should check the weather before leaving your apartment, ladies!

So instead of the pool, I'm spending time at my favorite cafe/bakery!!

It's called Amelie's and I used to have to go all the way to NoDa in Charlotte to enjoy my favorite treat, but just this past December they built one near my university and, in turn, near my apartment! It's an adorable little "French Bakery" with a fabulous atmosphere. I haven't been to France in about 8 years, so I couldn't tell you how accurate it is--but it's so good!

This is good and bad--good for indulging my sweet tooth; bad for my wallet.

I almost always get the same thing: Chocolate Petit Gateaux. It's a delicious little chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. Mmmmm.
This time I paired it with an iced lavender mocha, which is probably the most delicious coffee I've ever had in my life. And I love coffee, so that's pretty impressive. The hot version is also delicious, but the iced one seemed a bit "springier" to me! This was my first time trying it iced, and it was most definitely a success. I will be getting it again!

So, I'm sitting at this adorable little table with my delicious treat and working on my blog, reading, and looking into some jobs!

It's not an afternoon by the pool, but it's still a great way to unwind on a Friday afternoon. 
If you ever stop by Rock Hill or Charlotte, you just have to visit Amelie's. 

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