Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Furry Fever

I want a dog.
I mean, I desperately want a dog.

Yes, I have my adorable little Snickerdoodle,

but he's my parents dog and I don't really get to see him as much as I'd like.

Which is why I want need a dog. 

I've been browsing the websites of all of the local shelters (and by local, I mean basically every one in the state) and I have found some ADORABLE dogs!!

There are just two problems here:

  1. I need a small dog that doesn't shed.
  2. I have no money.
So, those are the dampers on my puppy plans right now. 
I also really want a puppy so I can train him/her how I want, but that's not like a necessity or anything. 

So, I'll just sit here in my apartment looking at all of the adorable dogs that I cannot have a dream of a day when I will be able to bring one home and call him my own!!!

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