Friday, October 10, 2014

I Guess It Could Be Worse

Can we just talk about how insane this week has been??

First things first, I've been super busy at my full-time job (why is everyone selling their houses this week??)
I cannot even tell you how many brochures and postcards and flyers (Oh my!) hat I have made for our agents this week. Plus, I'm taking over some of the corporate marketing since another marketing production assistant is going part-time. This week has been CRAZY.

Then there's the fact that I've been trying to get better about eating at home, so every night when I come home I spend probably an hour cooking when I would usually be relaxing on my sofa with a quesarito. And that relaxation would be accompanied by a few hours of watching The Big Bang Theory Re-Runs.
My roommate and I recently decided to get rid of cable, so every time I turn on the television I get a screen full of fuzz and a heart full of disappointment.
But don't worry too much. We might be getting Directv by the end of the month!

To make all of this even worse (is that even possible??) I started coming down with something Wednesday.
And it has progressively gotten worse and worse and today I feel like death.
Hopefully I'll be able to make a doctor's appointment for when I get off work.
One of my lovely friends agreed to cover my shift at Mellow Mushroom so I can go! Hooray!

My focus for next week?
Less stress.
More relaxation.
Less sickness.

Let's hope I can see it through!

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