Friday, October 3, 2014

Future Endeavors

 Okay, so I'm thinking of starting a little Etsy shop!

I paint, design, do paper crafts (think invitations, thank yous, paper boxes) and a bit of sewing, so I think it might be a good idea!

I have to set up a sort of "business plan" and starting working out when I'll work on the projects and stuff before I even set the shop up, so there's plenty of work for me to do. I also think I might wait until I get a new computer so I can better run my programs and such (I'm looking at this one. What do you think?)

Once I have everything finalized and I have the shop all set up, I'll be sure to post about it! 
This will be a way for me to have a creative outlet AND make a little extra money on the side! I'm pretty excited.

Has anyone else set up an Etsy shop? I definitely need some tips before I hit the ground running!

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