Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Handling The World's Worst Coworker

I'm sure we've all been here.
There's that one person in the office who just doesn't sit with you. She's rude; she's obnoxious; she's just flat out AWFUL.

Or he. 
(It just happens to be a she in my case)

How do you handle the person who speaks so condescendingly toward you and your fellow coworkers? How do you get her to stop stealing your desk supplies? And how do you get her to realize that the world doesn't revolve around her?

Well, I haven't quite figured it out yet. 
But I think I'm on my way!

My main firepower right now? Being as nice as I can be.
We've all heard it: "Kill them with kindness"
Well, so far it's working. She seems pretty startled and occasionally returns  the kindness. 

My other method? Honesty. I tell her what she can and can't do in our office. She is slowly coming around and realizing that this isn't her old company; she is not the boss anymore and she needs to learn how to deal with that.

Does anyone else have a coworker that is extremely difficult to deal with? (I'm sure you do!!)
Let me know your best methods for handling them so I can try to apply them to my current situation.
I appreciate any suggestions!

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